Playing with Ed Sheeran!

After one of my sets I was invited by someone who told me he really enjoyed the set and invited me to join him for a drink.  After talking with him for about 10 minutes he told me who he…

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Introducing Emily (MLE) Bear to James Slater and Nashville

I had the pleasure of introducing the piano prodigy Emily (MLE) Bear to some of Nashville's well known musicians and songwriters, including my good friend Grammy nominee James Slater.  Check out Emily at, and James at

Symi imptomptu jam

Walking along the water at the beautiful Greek island of Symi, I heard a fantastic duo (part of a well known Greek pop band) playing and stopped by to listen and have a drink. After awhile they took a break…

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Jammin' by the Acropolis in Athens

Stopped for a dinner after seeing a beautiful concert at the Acropolis, and listened to a wonderful band who invited me to return the next night for a jam, really enjoyable! The restaurant is the Cave of Acropolis Tavern,


Playing for Schoolchildren in Myanmar

While traveling in Myanmar I visited the beautiful beach area of Ngapali, and learned of a charitable school program run by "Mama Sue" in a nearby village. I called Mama Sue up to see if she would like me to…

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Backstage with 2Cellos Las Vegas

In 2013 I had the pleasure of working with the amazing 2Cellos at Art on Ice. It was great to also see them performing with Elton John in LAs Vegas.  Here we are with some friends backstage before going out…

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Playing in the Jordanian Hills

I was fortunate to be invited to a wonderful barbecue on a ranch in the hills of Jordan near Amman, beautiful!